The exhibition ‘A Requisite for a Wandering Sole’ looks at the relationship between Tmuna Fringe Theatre and and the building where it resides since 1999.  Every situation, in which a tenant settles in an existing building, requires mutual adaptation. The tenant on his part designates functions to the rooms, and adjusts his activities according to the building’s spatial layout, while at the same time the building is retrofitted and altered per the tenant’s needs.


The exhibition comprises of three parts: an archival survey with historical documents including videos, an artistic interpretation of the building and its tenant, and an artist book, which lays out the entire research and creative process of this project. Two insights have surfaced from this project:


  1. The roof is the key to understanding the building and its history. The roof embodies the essence of the relationship between the building and its tenants throughout the years. This first insight was encapsulated into a snow-globe consisting of a 3-D model of the roof. Likewise it is represented also by a large scale diptych showing aerial photographs of the site mounted on mirrors and framed with mirror polished stainless steel.
  2. Visitors, mostly theater enthusiasts, do not notice the building and its history as they enter. This is a typical situation, although the theater’s character draws a lot from the building’s appearance and historical relics. This second insight is represented by a scheme reflecting the state of awareness a visitor experiences while entering and wandering the building. It is elaborated in chapter 3 in the artist book, which discusses each one of the 8 gates of awareness: Illusion, Originality, Cyclicality, Introversion, Seepage, Remnant, Patch, and Skeleton.

Curator: Nitzan Cohen

Creative Mentoring: Assi Meshullam